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Investors, supervisors, regulators, governments and shareholders demand transparency and disclosure. Company executives lose sleep over the amount of reporting they do and the way they do it. Even the smallest companies have to report or submit information to a plethora of agencies and stakeholders.

Visma Connect has been working for governments, supervisory authorities and companies since 2006 to ensure secure, accurate, correct and timely reporting of their most important and valuable information.

Accountability Reporting

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Standard Business Reporting

Standard Business Reporting (SBR) sets a standard for the digital exchange of business reports, ensuring that companies can access and report on structured information.

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Integration Services

Today’s world is teeming with data. Organisations need to connect their own systems (internally) in order to work efficiently.

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Sustainability Reporting

Companies need sustainability data to inform and steer their strategy and business activities, from their choice of supply chain partners to their internal governance.

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With a taxonomy, all parties speak the same language, so you can collect structured, high-quality data that can be easily shared, benchmarked, tracked and analysed.

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White paper why report on sustainability information? 

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This white paper gives you: an overview of the latest developments in the sustainability reporting landscape & what information is reported on;

Further more you will learn: 

  • Who this reporting is for;
  • The need for a single standard;
  • What the future will hold for us.



Your factsheets, white papers and case stories from the Visma Connect library.


News & Highlights

Visma Connect's XBRLValidPro Gets Top Certification

Visma Connect's XBRLValidPro Gets Top Certification

Visma Connect, a Standard Business Reporting leader, proudly announces that its XBRLValidPro is now an officially certified XBRL validating processor. This advanced validator improves reporting by validating and processing all formats of XBRL reports. Visma Connect is among the first Dutch firms with XBRL certification for modules such as Inline XBRL.

The Most-Read Visma Connect blog posts of 2022

The Most-Read Visma Connect blog posts of 2022

It's December again...time flies. Like last year, we made a nice list of the most popular Visma Connect blog posts of 2021. Below the six most-read blog posts of 2022 in chronological order.

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Say goodbye to reporting variability and ease administrative burdens. Visma Connect is the foremost supplier of tools, taxonomies and expertise for information and data exchange, sustainability and accountability reporting.

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