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Het Vlaams Agentschap
voor Natuur en Bos
Communication & transparancy

Flemish Government Case Study

Vion Food Group
Upholding quality in the food industry

Vion Foods Case Study

Ministerie van Infrastructuur en Waterstaat
Trade enters the digital era

Single Window Case Study

Translating XBRL data into business value

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Strengthening a key pillar in the Dutch economy

iSHARE Case Study

Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens
Qualified, secure & Centralised Reporting

AP Case Study

Visma | Raet
Managing integrations has never been easier

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SBR Wonen 
Seamless, secure and standardized business reporting

SBR Case Study

State of Florida

Standardizing financial filings in the State of Florida

Florida Case Study

Download your white papers

White paper: What will the future of banking look like?

Future of Banking White Paper

White paper: Why Report on Sustainability Information?

Visma Sustynex Paper

Download your fact sheets

API Management
A solution to design, build, publish and maintain APIs

API Management Factsheet

Managed Connectivity Services
The helpdesk that makes integrations happen

API Management Factsheet

Visma Connect Integrations Platform
Build and deploy integrations with speed

Integrations Platform Factsheet

Standard Business reporting for Supervisory Authorities
Combine multiple data streams to improve your reporting chainSBR for Supervisory Authorities Factsheet

Visma Addo
Quick, easy and secure digital signatures

Image of the Visma Addo Flyer

Visma Intelligence Platform
The fast tracks to insight

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Taxonomy Development Services
Get everyone on the same page

Image of the Taxonomy Development Services

Visma Sustynex
Companies, governments and individuals share a common responsibility

Sustainability Platform Factsheet

Save countless hours and make work more meaningful

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Accountability Reporting

Protect data integrity when collecting mandetory accountability information

Collect Qualified Reporting Information.jpg

Visma Loginex 

Loginex Carbon Intelligence


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Integration Services

Webinar - Integration Services Platform by Kim Andersen

Webinar - AI and XBRL overcoming challenges to get from data to insights

Webinar - Powerful Low Code Integrations with Frends iPaaS

Artificial Intelligence - Hyperautomation

Webinar - The Future of Productivity

Visma Addo

Webinar - Compliance meets digital signatures: Introducing Visma Addo

Visma Addo - Sign documents securely and easily anytime, anywhere

Standard Business Reporting (SBR)

Visma TechZone - TechTalk with Visma Connect’s Ruud de Jong

Visma Sustynex

Visma Sustynex - The world’s first cloud native platform for ESG Disclosure based on a GRI taxonomy

Sustainability-related events

Click below to watch 'Earth Day Breakfast Session'

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Click below to watch 'Exploring AI in sustainability reporting'

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ESG Clearing House

Click below to watch 'Discover the ESG Clearing House'

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