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Measurable insights that support strategic decision-making

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What Visma Sustynex offers

Stay on top of your ESG Reporting

Data lineage and traceability throughout the value chain

Data quality scoring for targeted improvement on ESG programs

Greater certainty and reduced audit time in your ESG reporting

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Measurable insights extracted from across the value chain

Ensure all your teams can play their part in long-term business success

Take the first step towards handling ESG data in the same cycle and with the same level of assurance as financial data. 

Output data that can be relied upon for strategic decision-making and capital allocation.


Our transaction-based approach maximises the use of your existing structured and unstructured ESG data. 

Output data that can be used to prioritise ESG objectives and initiatives.


Detailed product and supplier insights that facilitate sustainable purchasing decisions.

Timely data collection that minimises the burden on your suppliers.


Greater certainty around estimates.

Output data in line with internationally accepted best practices and standards, reducing complexity and audit time.

Collect, enrich, aggregate and attribute

Visma Sustynex is a cloud-native ESG data processor that provides you with advanced technology featuring:

A transaction-based approach to collecting, enriching, validating, calculating and aggregating ESG data

Straight-through processing of sustainability data leading to data transparency from source to report

Standardised quantitative and qualitative ESG data that allows you to monitor year-on-year sustainable growth KPIs

Trustworthy data to report to multiple stakeholders and regulatory bodies in compliance with ESG standards

An auditable, secure and reliable system that can be integrated into your existing IT landscape

Reliable collection processes and high-quality output data that is returned with quality and reliability scores

Missing data are identified and requested so you can fill in the blanks

Multiple output formats so you can choose the most convenient one for you

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