Who is it for?

Reporting Parties:

  • Companies and organisations that want to disclose their sustainability efforts or file sustainability reports;
  • Companies and organisations that need data to improve their sustainability policies;
  • Organisations looking to receive reports from different (regional or departmental) offices.

Requesting Parties:

  • Institutional investors, private equity companies, banks and capital providers that want to receive sustainability reports;
  • Governments and regulators;
  • Industry or trade organisations;
  • Companies that want to request disclosure from their suppliers or partners.


Reporting Parties:

  • Save time and costs in creating an ESG report: retrieve the data from source systems and push it directly into the report.
  • Improve the quality of reporting using the underlying taxonomy, which is based on an internationally recognised standard.
  • Get real-time data to improve your ESG policies.
  • Keep track of changes with easy access to previous reports.
  • Attract investors and expand your footprint with qualified ESG data.
  • Steer decisions in a timely way and make ESG reporting an operational best practice.

Requesting Parties:

  • Easily track and benchmark data from multiple reporting parties.
  • Get qualified and accurate data that is based on an international standard.
  • Spend less time and effort collecting reports.
  • Less effort to consolidate data into one report thanks to standardisation.
    Get reports in more quickly.

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