Loginex Carbon Intelligence

CO2 emissions calculations for the logistics sector

In partnership with UC Group

Loginex Carbon Intelligence is a collaboration between Visma and UC Group.

UC Group is an interim consulting firm organised into a special network run by entrepreneurs. All of them are professionals in diverse supply chains and manufacturing environments. UC Group believes that craftsmanship flexibly combined with entrepreneurship is the key to successful consulting and implementations.

UC Group

The benefits of Loginex Carbon Intelligence


Strategic choices

Make better strategic choices and reduce your carbon emissions


Full transparency

Get full transparency in emissions by transport method



Clients like to work with reliable, transparent parties who report quickly and accurately.

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Emissions accounting is about so much more than numbers. It's about insights and becoming an attractive partner. Want to know more? Then schedule an appointment with one of our consultants.

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Loginex Carbon Intelligence.  Who is it for?


Because accurate emissions data is as important as accurate service.


Shippers also need accurate emissions calculations and reliable data.

Service providers

Because supply chains run more on data than wheels. Sustainability data, too.


Compile validated CO2 reports for your customers, businesses and governments.

Download the factsheet

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Factsheet - Loginex Carbon Intelligence

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This factsheet gives you an overview of important norms and regulations and explains how Loginex Carbon Intelligence provides you with insights into: 

Provides you with insights into:

  • Trends and forecasts of your transport and fuel data, including associated CO2 emissions
  • CO2 emissions of transports, based on actual transport (TMS) and fuel information. The software generates reports for your clients and governments
  • The efficiency of trips. You can directly measure and analyse the effectiveness of reduction measures

Download your copy 

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