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Infrastructure & DevOps Engineer

Pioneering HRM with Peple
Welcome to Peple, where we redefine the essence of HRM and payroll services through cutting-edge online software solutions. Operating at the intersection of technology and human-centric service, we strive not just for efficiency but for enriching the workplace experience. This is where innovation meets dedication, and where we invite you to join us as an Infrastructure & DevOps Engineer with AWS Transition Focus.

Key Role Responsibilities:
You will play a crucial role in our technological evolution, primarily focusing on migrating our infrastructure to AWS. Here’s how you’ll contribute:

  • Lead AWS Transition: Spearhead the strategic planning and execution of transitioning our existing on-premises infrastructure to Amazon Web Services (AWS), ensuring minimal disruption and maximum performance.
  • Cloud Infrastructure Management: Build, deploy, and continuously optimize our AWS cloud environment, laying the foundation for scalable, reliable, and secure operations.
  • Automation & Infrastructure as Code (IaC): Elevate our automation capabilities using Terraform, AWS CloudFormation, and other IaC tools to reproduce and manage infrastructure efficiently.
  • CI/CD Pipeline Mastery: Design, implement, and manage continuous integration and delivery pipelines to accelerate development cycles and boost deployment reliability.
  • Proactive Monitoring & Optimization: Implement advanced monitoring solutions to proactively manage system performance across our AWS footprint, ensuring optimality and resource efficiency.
  • Security & Compliance: Champion our security posture within the AWS ecosystem, ensuring robust security measures, compliance with regulations, and preparation for security audits.
  • Collaboration & Advocacy: Foster strong collaborations with our development teams to align infrastructure development with application needs while advocating for best practices in DevOps and cloud architecture.
  • Incident Response & Troubleshooting: Act as a leading problem solver for infrastructure-related issues, streamlining troubleshooting and resolution processes for AWS-based deployments.

Who You Are:

  • Educational Excellence: You hold a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or a similar field.
  • Experienced in AWS: You bring experience managing cloud infrastructures, particularly with AWS, and it would be great when you have experience in cloud transition projects.
  • Automation Fan: With proficiency in scripting languages (Python, Bash, Powershell) and automation tools like Terraform and AWS CloudFormation and AWS CDK, you're well versed in making systems work smarter, not harder and with less hassle.
  • CI/CD Innovator: You have a background in developing and maintaining CI/CD systems to support seamless software lifecycles.
  • Containerization & Orchestration Sage: Practical experience with Docker and Kubernetes showcases your expertise in modern application deployment and management.
  • Security-Conscious: Your approach to infrastructure includes a strong emphasis on security protocols, compliance standards, and proactive risk management.
  • Collaborative Spirit: Your outstanding communication skills underscore your ability to work effectively across diverse teams, fostering an environment of collective innovation and shared success.

Why Peple?
At Peple, we're more than a company; we're a community dedicated to making work life better for our clients. Here, you'll have the opportunity to make an impact daily, benefiting from:

  • A commitment to innovation and excellence.
  • A culture that values each individual's growth and success.
  • Competitive compensation and comprehensive benefits.
  • Opportunities for professional development in a supportive and dynamic environment.

On certain days, the option to work remotely is available, complemented by the possibility of coming into the office.

Location Cork: Penrose Wharf, Penrose Quay, Cork
Employment Cork: 39 hours

Location Amersfoort, easily accessible by public transport and car
Employment NL: 32-40 hours

Become a Cornerstone of Change:
Are you ready to take on the challenge of transitioning Peple to cloud technology with AWS? If so, we would love to welcome you into our world.

Embark on this exciting journey with Peple. Submit your application today and start shaping the future of HRM and payroll services.

Your new adventure awaits at Peple.

Please contact Marjan de Haan for more information about the vacancy at [email protected].


Marjan de Haan